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Cloud Governance

Perfect The Governance of Your Cloud Environment

Seamlessly blend cloud assurance with efficiency, turning your cloud challenges into opportunities. Secure your cloud. Simplify the process. Excel in execution.

Power Through Precision

Enhanced control over cloud infrastructure

Secured access control for vital assets

Efficient management of cloud resources

Streamlined cloud usage for optimal performance

Shield against potential data breaches

Cloud Governance

The Unseen Cloud Commander

These days, businesses are moving more resources and sensitive data to multiple cloud platforms. Within the expansive cloud infrastructure, ensuring proper access control and efficient utilization of cloud resources is essential. Cloud governance provides this oversight, balancing cloud usage with the strategic aims of the organization.

With Ascentient’s cloud governance, you can maintain a well-organized data center, ensuring that your cloud computing services are always in line with best practices, thereby minimizing security risks.

Cloud Governance Framework

Your Blueprint for Success in the Cloud

A comprehensive cloud governance framework goes beyond just monitoring cloud usage. It provides a roadmap for cloud resources, optimizing how they are used, and when. It addresses security risks associated with multiple cloud environments, ensuring security controls are in place for protecting sensitive data.

Ascentient’s cloud governance framework solutions consider diverse needs. Whether you’re operating on a private cloud, managing a virtual machine, or leveraging a platform as a service (PaaS), our tailor-made strategies ensure your cloud environment remains secure and efficient.

Your Roadmap to Success with Cloud Governance Framework
Ensuring Full Cloud Compliance and Minimized Risks
Cloud Compliance

Setting the Gold Standard in Cloud Compliance

In the age of data breaches, maintaining compliance is a must, especially when handling payment card industry data. Abiding by industry data security standards, including the card industry data security norms, is non-negotiable.

Ascentient ensures your cloud operations not only adhere to today’s standards but anticipate tomorrow’s. With a primary focus on security controls, our services safeguard data stored in the cloud, ensuring full compliance and minimized risks.

Cloud Governance Solutions

Discover Innovative Cloud Avenues

Our solutions are designed for today’s dynamic cloud environments. From efficient cost management to securing sensitive data across multiple cloud platforms, Ascentient is equipped to address all challenges.

As cloud services diversify, having a partner like Ascentient ensures you can navigate the complexities of cloud platforms, from private cloud setups to PaaS offerings, without ever compromising on security or efficiency.

Securing Sensitive Data across Multiple Cloud Platform

Beyond the Expected in Cloud Excellence

Our cloud services move beyond governance; they are a testament to our commitment to excellence in every aspect of cloud computing services. By leveraging the best in cloud technology, including virtual machine management and PaaS solutions, we ensure your IT setup is future ready.

With Ascentient, you’re not only investing in top-tier cloud services but also partnering with experts who understand the continuous business challenges of data breaches, cost management, and securing data stored in the cloud.