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Cloud Migration Services

Journey to the Cloud Horizon

Step into the future with Ascentient, where state-of-the-art cloud migration meets unmatched business acceleration. Discover an IT transformation that positions you leagues ahead.

Rise to the Cloudscape with Ease

Effortless scalability in various cloud environments

Significant cost savings with cost-effective strategies

Seamless collaboration in real-time on any cloud platform

Superior user experience with cloud-based services

Future-ready cloud infrastructure for a competitive edge

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration: The Next Frontier

The move to the cloud represents a monumental shift for businesses seeking better results and unparalleled flexibility. Migrating to the cloud, especially with existing applications, can be difficult, but the rewards, from scalability to operational efficiency, are unmatched.

With Ascentient, we simplify the cloud migration process. We ensure your sensitive data remains safe during the data-to-the-cloud transfer. Our team ensures minimal disruption, allowing your business to continue thriving even as we transition you to a more powerful cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Migration Services

Seamless Transition, Superior Execution

Our cloud solutions are tailored for businesses aiming for the pinnacle of digital transformation. Whether you’re considering a public cloud, like Microsoft Azure, or a private cloud, our expertise spans across all cloud platforms, ensuring your move to the cloud is seamless.

With Ascentient, application migration becomes a breeze. Our “lift and shift” strategy ensures your existing applications are transitioned to your cloud platform efficiently, while also ensuring optimal compatibility with various operating systems.

Cloud Migration Services for a Smooth Transition
Outline Your Path to Cloud Success
Cloud Migration Strategy

Map Your Cloud Success Story

A well-defined strategy is essential for migrating to the cloud. It starts with understanding your current setup and goals, and then creating a roadmap to transition smoothly to the desired cloud platform.

With Ascentient, we offer bespoke cloud migration strategies for different cloud environments, and our strategies ensure your business can fully leverage the benefits of the cloud, from cost-effective operations to enhanced business results.

Cloud Migration Consulting

Leverage Our Expertise at Every Step

Our cloud migration consulting services are designed to provide a clear path for businesses looking to harness the power of the cloud. From safely migrating sensitive data to ensuring existing applications run efficiently post-migration, our consultants guide you at every step.

Whether you’re moving to a private cloud, optimizing for real-time operations, or just looking to harness services like Microsoft Azure, our consultancy ensures your cloud journey is smooth, secure, and aligned with your business objectives.

Cloud Migration Consulting Services

Ascentient: Where Innovation Meets Execution

Beyond mere migration, Ascentient’s array of cloud services aims to offer holistic solutions. Be it cloud storage on Microsoft Azure, cloud management, cloud security, or cloud cost optimization, we’re at the cutting edge.

Our cloud solutions are not just about a one-time move to the cloud. They encompass end-to-end services to ensure your business derives the maximum benefit from its cloud infrastructure, all while maintaining the sanctity of sensitive data and ensuring better operational results.