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Cyber Awareness

Unleash Cyber Resilience: Equip, Educate, Empower!

Equip, educate, and empower your people with Ascentient’s premier Cyber Awareness Training. Dive into a proactive journey, defending against evolving cyber threats and ensuring your organization stands resilient in a digital-first world.

Power Up Your Frontline

Equip employees to counteract cyber-attacks effectively.

Dive deep into social engineering's deceptive tactics.

Protect sensitive information and trade secrets.

Understand the nuances of network protocols.

Prioritize proactive measures over reactive ones.

Cyber Awareness

Every Employee Matters in Cyber Defense

Cyber-attacks are a continuous concern, not just from external threats but also from potential insider breaches. And it’s not just about sensitive data; intellectual property and trade secrets are also at risk. With cyber awareness training, employees can differentiate between legitimate access and suspicious activity, ensuring they remain vigilant and protective of sensitive assets.

Ascentient doesn’t simply provide a generic playbook. Our training familiarizes your team with specific cybersecurity tools. They will understand the workings of packet sniffers and vulnerability scanners, ensuring they can recognize and mitigate threats before they escalate.

Cyber Awareness Training

Recognize. Report. Respond.

The digital world is vast, encompassing everything from cloud services to complex information technology infrastructures. While the expansion into the digital sphere brings unmatched conveniences, it also introduces a variety of risks. Trade secrets, intellectual property, and sensitive information can be jeopardized if not adequately protected.

To this end, Ascentient brings specialized knowledge on the types of insider threats and how they can manipulate legitimate access. Our security awareness training programs also cover diverse methods, from monitoring network tools to social engineering tricks, ensuring your workforce remains a step ahead of potential infiltrators.

Security Awareness Training Programs
Tackle the Insider Threats
Insider Threats

Tackle the Hidden Dangers

Insider threats often fly under the radar yet carry significant risks. It’s not just the intentional leaker of intellectual property but also the uninformed employee who may unintentionally use vulnerable network protocols or fall victim to cleverly crafted social engineering tactics. The significance of understanding and identifying these types of insider threats cannot be overstated.

Ascentient offers detailed insights into these threats, with focus sessions on cybersecurity tools. With an understanding of how packet sniffers operate or what a vulnerability scanner looks for, your team will be better prepared to detect anomalies and safeguard your organization’s assets.

Beyond Training: Total IT Support

Our expertise at Ascentient extends beyond just cyber awareness. With a robust services model centered around information technology and information security, we provide comprehensive managed IT services and solutions tailored to your organization’s needs. Our cloud services ensure seamless operations, while our service offerings are designed to shield every bit of your sensitive data.

Embracing the best in information security tools, infrastructure services, and best practices, Ascentient stands as a beacon of excellence in the IT space. From understanding the complexities of network protocols to providing top-tier service offerings, Ascentient is your trusted partner for a strong and secure business.