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Top 9 Managed IT Services in Chicago

With so many options for managed IT services in Chicago, it can be difficult for businesses to choose one. Different companies also offer slightly different services, which can make it even more complicated to decide which one is the perfect fit for you. To help you, we’ve created a list of 9 managed IT support services in the Chicago area that we believe may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Ascentient excels in managed IT through proactive monitoring and comprehensive support services. They offer customized solutions with dedicated account managers, and strategic consultations tailored to client needs. Their efficient vendor management and thorough IT documentation ensure streamlined operations.

Their holistic approach enhances business efficiency, making them a trusted partner to their clients.

Outsource Solutions Group (OSG) provides services focused on rapid issue resolution and proactive monitoring, ensuring optimal IT performance. Their services focus on advanced data protection, network support, and backup and disaster recovery planning.

OSG’s monitoring prevents recurring issues, and their commitment to customer satisfaction has garnered them a positive reputation.

Micro-Tech USA specializes in IT asset management, offering comprehensive solutions to streamline IT assets throughout their lifestyle. Their services include in-depth evaluations, routine assessments, software license management, and patch and vulnerability management. They also have a commitment to regulatory compliance. 

Their tailored solutions and expertise in their field help businesses maximize the value of their IT investments.

Hubbard Street Technology offers a wide range of managed IT services designed to support businesses with a variety of solutions. Some of their options include 24/7 help desk support, robust cybersecurity measures, and continuous network monitoring. They also provide hardware management with a structured replacement cycle. 

Hubbard Street Technology is familiar with a work-from-home environment, giving them the capacity to secure the work environment in all contexts. excels in IT management, particularly in asset management, by offering services designed to optimize and streamline assets throughout their life cycle. They also provide managed cybersecurity services, and on-site and remote support.

With specialized IT solutions and expert consultation, helps businesses maximize asset value and improve operational efficiency.

Infiniwiz Managed IT offers services that include 24/7 support, network monitoring, and cybersecurity solutions. They also provide IT strategy assistance, cloud service management, and hardware management.

Infiniwiz emphasizes proactive maintenance, strategic planning, and scalable infrastructure that grows with the business. In this way, they ensure efficient and secure operations.

TTR Technology provides comprehensive IT services that include security assessments, network monitoring, and business continuity solutions. They also provide help desk support and proactive maintenance.

TTR Technology is known for their reliability and experience, earning them a positive reputation with clients.

TeamLogic IT specializes in preventative and responsive IT support solutions. Their offerings include strategic evaluation and planning, remote monitoring to identify potential issues, and local, highly-skilled technicians available for remote and on-site assistance. They also provide supplemental IT services.

TeamLogic IT’s focus on maximizing business performance, streamlining costs, and safeguarding security has made them a trusted partner for businesses.

AZBS Inc. offers a wide variety of managed IT solutions tailored to businesses in the Chicago area. Their services include 24/7 managed services, business continuity planning, cybersecurity solutions, and office relocation support.

AZBS’s commitment to a predictable pricing structure and comprehensive support earns them a reputation as a trusted partner.